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If you’re looking to boost your business, get more customers, grow your profits, take a minute to read this page, then reach out to me with a call or text: 347-557-5487 (personal cell) or 786-410-6192 (business cell) or even an email: (please put “All Pro Services 24-7 tell me more) in the subject line.

My name is Kris Kemp. I started All Pro Services 24-7 after working with a local General Contractor in West Palm Beach, Florida, and hearing him express his disappointment and frustration with That gave me an idea to start a Local Lead Generation Service for local service professionals who worked in the “skilled trade” industry.

My goal in setting up All Pro Services 24-7 was to provide a service to get these skilled trade service professionals leads (customers) for a fair and reasonable price, leads that they got exclusively (that they do not have to compete for like the leads acquired via

At the moment, I’m looking for Local Service Pro’s, one in each category of skilled trade, to join me at The idea is that we work together to grow your business and build your profits. I require a reasonable annual fee of $3,600 dollars a year to run your digital marketing services for you. You get a greater online presence and exclusive leads for your business.

Are you a Local Service Professional Looking to Get More Customers?

Here is what I can offer you and your business:

1) Dedicated web page at (This page is currently on the first page for Google, when you search for “All Pro Services 24-7” in Palm Beach County, Florida. value: $400

2) Google Business Listing setup. I will set up your Google Business Listing page for your business so it ranks on the first page of Google, getting you lots of customers, so you can build your profits. I will show you how to run this page yourself in order to build your business and grow your profits. This is a one time set up for Google Business Listing + training! value: $500

3) Dedicated Gmail account setup, to run your Google Business Listing. value: $250

4) Instagram account setup with specific dedicated gmail account + Instagram page training. I will train you how to run your Instagram page for your business. value: $500

5) Facebook page setup. I will set up a Facebook page for your business, so you can accept incoming Facebook messages and general inquiries in order to build rapport to grow your business. I will train you how to run your Facebook page for your business. value: $500

6) Dedicated domain name with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) aka “https://” which is considered “secure and safe” and even comes with a padlock icon, proving that your site is trusted by Chrome and Google, allowing customers to feel at ease so they are more likely to use their credit card online for your services. value: $500

7) Logo for Instagram, Facebook, website. If you have a logo, the logo requires adjustment in a photo-editing software in order to fit the dimensions for social media and website, plus it needs to be fast-loading. value: $1,200

8) 200 business cards + design. value: $250

9) managing & updating 1) 2) Google Business Listing. value: $1,500

The Total Value of everything above: $22,100 dollars

My Special Deal. Get everything above: $3,600 dollars

Get this deal now!

Paid Monthly: $500 a month
Paid Yearly: $3,600 a year ($300 a month)

What are the benefits? You’re likely to get more customers and you’ll get a Full Digital Marketing & Advertising Package for only $3,600 dollars a year!

Grab this Amazing Deal for your Specific Category of Skilled Trade (Electrician, Carpenter, Landscaper, Roofer, Tile Installation, Kitchen Remodeling, A/C Install, Window & Door, and more) before someone else does! We are only accepting One Category of Skilled Trade per applicant. Must be Licensed & Insured, trustworthy & reliable Service Professionals!

If you are looking to grow your business online, contact me at: 347-557-5487 (personal cell) or 786-410-6192 (business cell) to get started.